The company's products are marketed under the name TIMES software applications, a family of standardized and flexible software solutions for all sectors of businesses.


Web-based recruitment solution that use the recruitment technologies to develop and deliver innovative, robust and flexible online recruitment management/applicant tracking solutions. Allows job applicant to login into Company web-site to fill up personnel information and job history on line for new posting opening. Allows company to optimize all aspects of recruitment such as candidate and resume screening using special query on predefined criteria.

The match candidates will be shortlist for interview via e-mail and recorded all interview details to finalise the candidate selection. Once selected, the employee details will be updated to company main employee database for Payroll and HR function.


Speed and efficiency-With online recruitment your vacancies can be online in minutes. No waiting for the next edition, no missed print deadlines, no limitation on space -online recruitment means quicker exposure to your vacancies which means applications start flowing in much sooner.

Allow job application fill up or attached personnel information and job history vis internet.

Why Consider The Times E-Recruit?

Our service allows companies to take control of their recruitment by applying these HR solutions to help leading organisations:

  • Reduce their time to hire.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Enhance their candidates’ experience.
  • Reduce resourcing costs whilst at the same time creating a competitive advantage.