The company's products are marketed under the name TIMES software applications, a family of standardized and flexible software solutions for all sectors of businesses.


TIMES SOFTWARE proudly present Times E-Training 8.0 module that used Internet technologies to support the personal and professional training of your employees. It helps to keep staff up-to-date personnel information about their skills, competencies, training, and achievements. It assists HR professionals to streamline learning management and performance, manage relevant job skills and competencies to plan up careers progression and succession that link to Times Pay/HR 8.0. HR Administrator can easily assess employees’ current capabilities and retrieve the unique skills required for special assignments and projects.

  • Competency Management
    Times E-Training (PD) module will assist Training department on the creation of new skills and competency mapping within the company by implementing a flexible competency model. It helps to define individual skills with corporate goals to link the staff with the proper training needs.
  • Training (Learning) Needs Analysis (TNA or LNA)
    It provides skill gap analysis by automatically generating the priority level and competency profile for each employee on the training courses. This module generates the recommended training courses based on the skill gap.
  • Paperless Workflow
    The module reduces manual and paper work, it minimizes cost on paper wastage by automating online training application and approval workflow via the web. Staff will be notified via e-mail for training application and reminder notices on course schedules.
  • Grant Application and Claim Submission
    Generation of SDF grant application and TCTP claim submission forms can be generated with ease.
  • Evaluation of training planning
    It provides flexible online user-defined evaluation on training courses, trainer, facilities, contents and feedback administration. This will facilitates the company to review the impact of training to business.
  • Training Management Information
    It offers the integrated solution for training department to review the training results to be used as an input for further review the effectiveness of the total training plan.
Why choose Times E-Training (PD) Module?
  • User friendliness and ease-of use.
  • User-defined codes such as Course, Competency, Venue, Provider, Instructor, Assistance scheme, Education, etc.
  • User-defined linkage for Category link to Competence and Courses, Occupation link to Competence and Courses, Benchmark or Company Goal link to Competence and Courses and Course link to Competence.
  • User-defined Designation levels and qualification levels for SDF forms and TCTP forms.
  • User-defined Feedback template for employees and internal or external instructors once staff completed training.
  • User-defined company training budget by department.
  • Online feedback and graphic presentation of feedback.
  • Staff training online attendance modules.
  • Training Need Analysis (TNA) and Training Plan (TP) Module.
  • Prepare more than 50 reports such as TCTP, SDF, PD, Pre/Post Course, Trainee/Instructor feedback, and Charts.
  • Ability for Supervisors and employees to access anywhere, anyplace, anytime via intranet/internet.