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TIMES SOFTWARE proudly present Times E-LEAVE 8.0 module that used Internet technologies to support the web-based paperless leave application for your employees. It helps to keep staff up-to-date theirs leaves information without disturbing HR department staff and their supervisors. It assists HR professionals to streamline tedious Leave management and monthly leaves reports generation for each departmental heads. It assists to manage the leave flow and staff could plan up their leave applications that link to Times Pay/HR 8.0. HR Administrator can easily assess employees’ current leaves status, details and retrieve the leave data required for internal leave costing. All departmental heads could easily monitor theirs own staff leave and view all leaves in Calendar presentation and leave reports.

  • Online and real time Leave application and Reports
    Using the latest web-based technology for staff to login via web server to apply leave online or real time. The leave application will be flow to respective supervisors/managers for approval via e-mail. It assists the HR or Leave Administrator and supervisors to view all staff leave applications and leaves approved by each supervisor online and staff could apply leaves online easily. All staff could access to their own leave details and leave balance without disturbing HR and Managers. It will indirectly free HR department to have more time to plan and carry out more efficient HR policies to align with company goals. This paperless and efficient approach will help company to reduce time to improve staff morale and satisfaction to make company a better place to work. Happy employees will definitely helps company to achieve corporate goals and strategy.
  • Support Corporate Staff Leave Planning and Leave Costing
    The Leave online updates and application will definitely assist corporate Staff leave planning and HR could generate monthly leave costing for Finance department for budget and cost provision for accrual annual leave unused.
  • Helps managers control overtime, shift scheduling costs and maintain budgets
    E-Leave 8.0 does not just provide employees with real-time self- service information, but also let the staff view their own leave details and also colleagues within the same department. All supervisors or managers could view the overall department leave calendar and approved leave online. It assists them to have a better leave planning to achieve the departmental goals and toward corporate goals. It motivates staff as the staff could access the leave status anytime and anywhere via web access.
  • Preserving Company Investment
    E-Leave is designed with the flexibilities to easily manage, design and implement. It follows closely with easy set up guidelines based on each company leave policy. It captures details leave data and provides the supporting and relevant leaves administration for the organization to preserve company investment.
  • Focusing on the Real time update
    E-Leave facilitates user to submit leave application and submission online via web. It assists in generating of useful leave reports. It also minimizes time and effort to produce reports whenever required by management. This allows anagers/Supervisors to have more time to focus on higher value-added operational needs to move toward corporate goals by making timely decision based on the reports provided.
  • Competency Management
    Times E-Leave module will assist HR department on the friendly Leave administration to enhance HR to have more time to focus company competency management as it helps to reduces tedious leave administration.
  • Immediate Leave Update and reports
    It provides instant Leave updates and reports for all Levels of staff inclusive of Management.
  • Paperless Workflow
    The module reduces manual and paper work, it minimizes cost on paper wastage by automating online Leave application and approval workflow via the web. Staff will be notified via e-mail for leave application and reminder for supervisor for unapproved leave applications.
  • Leave Management Information
    It offers the integrated solution for HR department to review the Monthly and yearly leave records to be used as an input for further review the leave cost liability for company to do accrual leaves costing.
  • Useful Leave Calendar Information
    Staff and Managerial staff could view either departmental Staff or company staff leave calendar per month.
  • YTD Leave Costing
    Leave costing is very accurate as all leaves are YTD and on-line.
Why choose Times E-Leave Module?
  • User friendliness and ease-of use.
  • Flexible leave administration.
  • Useful Leave reports.
  • Useful Leave costing report.
  • Reduce manpower.
  • Ability for Supervisors and employees to access anywhere, Any place, anytime via intranet/internet.