The company's products are marketed under the name TIMES software applications, a family of standardized and flexible software solutions for all sectors of businesses.


TIMES SOFTWARE proudly present Times Internet Pay-slips 8.0 module that enhances your company’s image and usage of the Internet technology. In accordance to the global concern for the environment, and to spearhead a green-friendly environment, we are encouraging companies to go for paperless pay-slips.

TIMES E-PAYSLIPS 8.0 – is a module that can be added to the current Times Pay/HR. You can choose let your staff view the payslips (with security password) via the internet/intranet. It is a very SIMPLE, user-friendly module and at the same time helps companies to minimise operational costs as it head towards a paperless working environment.

  • Auto importing of time clock data.
  • Employee attendance and working time reports.
  • Over time calculation.
  • Support multiple working hours and shifts.
  • Auto export to TIMES Pay/HR system for wage calculation for Overtime, Shifts & Allowances/Deductions.
  • Year 2000 compliance.
  • As EASY as 123 and very user-friendly.
  • Special payslip viewer program to protect the encrypted data send via internet/intranet.
  • Comes with SMTP outgoing mail server format or MS-Outlook Exchange server format.
  • User-defined control passwords setting for each employee.
  • Users selection for employee(s) to be send via e-mail.
  • Users can view and print the payslip anywhere, anyplace, anytime he wishes.
  • Payslip can be stored each month’s within individual employee’s PC.
  • Excellent security of data encryption prior sending via internet/intranet.
  • Generates payslip listing report after sending of payslips.
  • FREE one time on-site installation and set up.
Why use E-PAYSLIP?
  • Minimizes printing and other peripheral cost.
  • Minimizes noise pollution when printing payslip.
  • Saves money for not investing in a dot-matrix printer.
  • Creates awareness for a paperless environment.
  • Ability to quickly re-generate and view employee’s payslip.
  • Save payslip forms and printing time.
  • Able to store all previous months payslip in each employee’s pofile for future reference.
  • Ability to reach employee anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
  • Ability to view payslip anywhere, anyplace and anytime.
  • Secured, personalised and safeguards confidentiality.
  • Ability to also show employees’ leave balance.