The company's products are marketed under the name TIMES software applications, a family of standardized and flexible software solutions for all sectors of businesses.


TIMES SOFTWARE proudly presents Times Email Pay-slips 8.0 module that enhances your company’s image and usage of the Internet technology. In accord to the global concern for our natural environment, and to spearhead an environmental green society, we are encouraging companies to go for paperless pay-slips.


TIMES INTERNET PAY-SLIPS 8.0 – is a new module added to your current Times Pay/Hr 8.0. You may now e-mail pay-slips (with security password) to your staff internet/intranet e-mail accounts. It is SIMPLE to use, very user-friendly and helps your company to cut operation costs for long term benefits as you head towards a paperless working environment.

  • Year 2000 compliance
  • It is so simple to use as 123 and very user-friendly.
  • Special payslip viewer program to protect the encrypted data send via internet/intranet.
  • Come with SMTP outgoing mail server format or MS Outlook Exchange server format.
  • User-defined control passwords setting for each employee.
  • User selection for employee(s) to be send via e-mail.
  • User can view and print the payslip anywhere, anyplace, anytime he wish.
  • Payslip can be store each month under invidual employee PC.
  • Excellent security of data encrpytion prior sending via internet/intranet.