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Payment Term: Please make cheque payable to Times Software Sdn Bhd to confirm your order.

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Delivery Charges: RM 53.00 per Box
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Quantity Price Delivery Charges Total Order
1000 pieces @ 1 Box RM381.60 RM53.00 RM434.60
2000 pieces @ 2 Boxes RM710.20 RM106.00 RM816.20
3000 pieces @ 3 Boxes RM985.80 RM159.00 RM1144.80
* Note :
Amount shown above is AFTER 6% Government service tax.
Delivery charges RM 53.00 per Box (after 6% Government service tax) for anywhere in West Malaysia.
For any other location, please contact Times Software Sdn Bhd for delivery charge.
For inquiry, please call: 03-2710 0090

Not advisable to keep the stock for more than 8 months.